How to Write a Podcast Ad Script

Write Label is thrilled to offer a new type of audio ad product designed for Podcasts. When writing a Podcast Ad Script, please keep the following criteria in mind:

Follow Write Label’s Audio Ad formatting guidelines:

Podcast Ad Scripts will use a single announcer and no SFX or music. Please follow the standard audio ad guidelines regarding writing out numbers, repeating the name of the company or brand, including the slogan, etc. You can find these guidelines here.

Utilize a captivating hook and call to action:

Like Radio Ad Scripts, Podcast Ad Scripts will need a solid opening line that catches the listener’s attention. While podcast audiences usually won’t “change the station,” they can skip over the ad. Engaging copy should hook the listener with the first line and inspire them to action.

Write for the target audience:

Pay close attention to the audience information in the brief. Podcast demographics have the potential to be more niche than traditional broadcast radio.

Write for the individual listener:

Listening to a podcast is usually a solo activity. Therefore, ads should be written as if the announcer is speaking to one person. Imagine the listener hearing the ad through headphones, and strive for a more conversational tone.

Tell a story:

Great podcasting is often great storytelling. Your ad should try to tell a story either about the business or about the spokesperson delivering the ad.

Choose an announcer:

For Write Label’s Podcast product, the podcast host will not be reading the ad. Instead, these Podcast ads will be read by a different announcer. Choose an announcer who suits the brand and demographic. The style will be a single-voice announcer. You can choose to write as if delivering a testimonial on behalf of the brand or as a spokesperson for the brand. These should be written in the first person POV.

Example testimonial (first person):We all know how hot it gets in the summer. That’s why I trust Bob’s Heating and Air with my AC repair needs! They offer the best service…”

Example of spokesperson (first person): “At Bob’s Heating and Air, we put customers first.”

Thanks, as always, for your hard work! We look forward to seeing your ad copy for Podcasts.




We are the world’s largest writers’​ room. Writers compete to deliver the best creative ideas for your business.

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Write Label

Write Label

We are the world’s largest writers’​ room. Writers compete to deliver the best creative ideas for your business.

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