How to Craft Creative Social Media Posts for Businesses

According to a recent study, 90% of businesses use social media. Various companies have established a reputation for constantly churning out witty and engaging posts (Wendy’s, KFC, Taco Bell, Merriam-Webster)

But coming up with these short-form quips multiple times a day is not easy. So whether you’re a social media manager for a brand or hoping to pitch freelance work, Write Label has compiled some helpful tips for writing creative social media posts for businesses.

Put yourself in potential customers’ shoes.

Every business exists to solve a problem or fit a need. Think about that problem or need and craft a post from there. For example, eye doctors exist because some people have difficulty seeing and need glasses or contact lenses.

Keep it relatable.

Think back on your favorite social media posts. They most likely made you think, “oh my god, that’s me!” Using our eye doctor example from before, what are some relatable problems that people who need glasses or contacts may experience?

  • Not being able to find your glasses
  • Dropping your contact lenses
  • Waving at someone you think you know and then it turns out to be a stranger

There are obviously more things that can be added to this list but focusing on relatable issues that can be solved by your client (in this case, an eye doctor) will be a good jumping-off point for writing your social media post.

Keep it clever.

There’s funny, and then there’s advertising-funny. Remember, your client is a business, so what you’d write for a stand-up comedy act might not be appropriate. When writing social media posts for companies, aim for smart over laugh out loud funny.

Don’t forget the call to action.

As long as you’re writing for a business, including a call to action is essential. A great social media post is one part witty caption and one part call to action.

Here’s an example of how I wrote a creative social media post for a pretend client:

Client: A business that makes fun and unique cell phone cases

What they’re looking for: funny social media posts for New Year’s Eve.

  1. What is the problem or need that this business solves?: They protect your cell phone from damage, and they help show off your individuality.
  2. Now take a moment to think about why potential customers would want to protect their cell phones:
  • People spend endless hours on their cell phones.
  • People treat their cell phones as if they’re their children.
  • Consequently, people freak out whenever they drop their cell phones.

3. Since our client has asked us to write social media posts for New Year’s Eve, I start by making a list of words that I associate with New Year’s Eve:

  • Countdown
  • Champagne
  • Drop
  • Cheers
  • Times Square
  • Celebrate
  • Midnight
  • Starting over

4. One formula for coming up with a clever social media post is finding the connection between two seemingly unrelated things. So after making my list, I take a look at the words that I affiliate with New Year’s Eve, and I try to see how any of them may relate to cell phone cases. Here’s what I came up with:

The ball dropping: exciting
Dropping your cell phone: not so much.
Protect your phone in 2021 with a protective case from XYZ.

This post does a few things: it grabs peoples’ attention by being creative and drawing a connection between two unrelated things, it taps into the relatable fear of dropping your phone, and it directs potential customers to buy from the client.

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Write Label

We are the world’s largest writers’​ room. Writers compete to deliver the best creative ideas for your business.

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