• Melanie McCartney

    Melanie McCartney

    INFJ. Avid reader of all things non-fiction. Observant, Analytical, Working a 12 step program, Autistic, Mother of two incredibly wonderful little humans.

  • Paul Schissler

    Paul Schissler

    Comedian. Storyteller. I really love being a dad.

  • Maxwell Haddad

    Maxwell Haddad

    Featured Writer in Film, Podcast: anchor.fm/videonasties

  • Aissa Martell

    Aissa Martell

    NYC down to earth diva. Creative writer, and professional freelancer https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Aissa

  • Zakmbrown


  • leannet



  • Gi L.

    Gi L.

    UX Writer, minimalista digital y consultora de comunicación empática y escucha activa. Amante de las historias y los paseos para tomar café.

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