As a copywriter, there’s no such thing as complete mastery of the craft. Language evolves, social mores change and the zeitgeist becomes harder to pin down. Through it all, captivating consumers with words remains challenging. Whether you write every day, read voraciously, or study classic ad campaigns, there are many…

by Zenobia Harris

As consumers, many of our daily purchases have become habits. We pick up milk in the grocery store without giving much thought to the brand. Milk is just a grocery staple that we need. On the other hand, when you’re deciding where to buy a car, that…

by: Carlos Delgado

Have you ever found yourself halfway through reading a book and thought Where are they? or Who’s talking? Unless your mind was wandering, chances are this disorientation was caused by a lack of grounding descriptions in the text.

In order for an audience to understand a scene…

Writing radio ads for what seems like a never-ending flow of projects every day can lead to feeling burned out. It’s no easy task creating new hooks and interesting calls-to-action for not-terribly-exciting industries. …

Freelance copywriting covers a wide range of mediums. You might find yourself writing product descriptions, radio scripts, social media posts, e-mail content — pretty much anything that a company wants to outsource. As a freelance writer, that might sound overwhelming, but it just means there’s more variety possible in your…

Proper comma usage plagues nearly every writer. The tiny notation packs a heavy punch, and a comma misplacement or omission can change the meaning of an entire sentence.

Take the classic example:
“I’m cooking, children.” vs “I’m cooking children.”

The missing comma transforms ‘Yum!’ to ‘Um.’ Because a missing comma can cause such an egregious misunderstanding, some writers tend to overcorrect and use commas more often than they need.

Write Label has created a chart, highlighting a few common comma errors.

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